SCD 4 Frontline Workers

With the NHS AND FRONTLINE WORKERS at the forefront of our lives at the moment, SCD wants to help those people who are helping us.

We are setting up a charity trust called SCD 4 Frontline Workers and once this is all over we will create various regional events, predominantly invite only experience days on tracks and hill climbs for these amazing people from the NHS and their families who love cars. Other events will include free tickets to SCD events and demo days with dealers alongside some creative fundraising collaborations.

We are actively looking for partners, dealers, manufacturers, pro-drivers and venues to collaborate with us to host and support the events.

Spreading the joy of cars is one of the things SCD does best. The SCD community is amazing and together we hope we can have your support to make these events as special as we would all hope them to be…

We would absolutely welcome feedback and ideas from all SCD members whilst this concept is still developing, the more of you who are willing to engage here the more we can do, whether it be car donations, attendance, hosting or down the line even financial contributions.