Shelsley Walsh Driver Briefing

Please read the below as rules are different to most track days.

Drivers will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the signing-on declaration and to hold a current full UK driving licence for the vehicle type being used by you at the meeting.

Drivers are advised to arrive early and take the opportunity to walk the course and familiarise yourself with the track. We are sure that you don’t need reminding that social distancing needs to be maintained whilst walking the track.

Ensure that you wear comfortable clothing which covers all limbs. If you have racing overalls, gloves, boots and/or helmet, we recommend that you wear them and if you are driving a competition car racing overall, gloves, boots and helmet are mandatory.

Please help the smooth running of the day by obeying requests from Paddock Marshals.

At Shelsley Walsh we send cars up the hill in batches. These vary in size so make yourself aware of your batch number and get ready the before you are due to run in order to maintain the flow of the meeting and we can maximise the number of runs.

When you arrive at the start line, a marshal will place a chock behind your rear wheel. At this point you can take your car out of gear and release the brakes, safe in the knowledge the car is not going to roll backwards.

When the marshals are happy, they will direct you to look at the Jack Rohl hut on the left of the track. You will be able to see a set of traffic lights, when these turn green you can proceed in your own time. As you move away from the line the traffic lights will turn red, please DO NOT STOP, continue as this is normal. 

Course Control will release Cars from the start line at a suitable distance behind the previous car and will allow for speed and competence levels of drivers. Do not feel the need to exceed a speed you are comfortable with.

In the unlikely event of an incident in either direction, you will be shown a Red Flag by the marshals. You should stop promptly, and no later than the next marshals post. Please remain in your car and await instructions from a marshal. 

If you are involved in an incident, and the car has failed or you have spun, take a breath and indicate to the marshals that you are OK by giving a THUMBS UP. The marshals will then give you instructions as to what they want you to do.

As you cross the finish line, please resist the temptation to stop, just ease off the gas pedal and apply your brakes to reduce your speed to 20mph by the time you get to Norrie’s Bothy that you can see on the right-hand side. 

Continue to slow down to a walking pace and follow the road through a 180 degree turn into the top paddock. Park as directed by the marshals.

Whilst waiting for the end of the batch, you may get out of your car to chat to other drivers, but please bear in mind these are not normal times and you should please maintain social distancing. The future of motorsport is dependent on us all behaving responsibly.

At the end of a batch, you can return down the hill when authorised by the marshal, please control your speed and maintain a safe distance from the car in front as only a fool breaks the two second rule. A queue may form at triangle or in the return road when cars are returning to the paddock, there are blind corners so please drive accordingly.

A driver considered to be driving recklessly or dangerously will be red-flagged and will be required to see the Clerk of the Course.

Any decision taken by the Clerk of the Course on the grounds of safety is final and cannot be appealed.

We thank you for supporting your Club and we hope that you have an enjoyable day.

If you haven’t already please complete the Driver and Passenger indemnity forms.