Supercar Driver & Coronavirus

Updated: Tuesday 26th May 2020

We are taking this opportunity to let you know where SCD stands in relation to forthcoming events, tours and track days amid current concerns around Coronavirus.

We have been carefully monitoring the situation develop and making changes to the event calendar based on the guidance we have received as well as some common sense. We are continuing to monitor developments, abide by advice from the government and the World Health Organisation and ensure you are kept up to date. As we are sure you will appreciate these are unprecedented circumstances and one we are doing our best to manage.

Event Update
We are starting to re-plan the next 3 months of the SCD calendar and are hopeful about restrictions being lifted further from July to enable us to do more. We will of course continue to keep you updated and are also in the early planning stages of an exciting event as a thank you for your support through this so far! 

In the meantime we are planning to facilitate drives to return from June. These will take place in smaller numbers with responsible consideration to the social distancing restrictions that are in place at the time. These will not be an excuse for a gathering of any sort but we hope will give you a much needed driving fix.  

  1. Clearly anyone showing signs of a constant cough or high temperature should stay at home in self isolation.
  2. These are strictly drives – not social gatherings.
  3. These are not classed as essential travel so recommend you don’t travel from outside of the region to attend! 
  4. We will not be stopping on the drive or having breakfast to minimise contact.
  5. Passengers will not be allowed unless both the driver and passenger are from the same household.
  6. You MUST maintain social distancing rules before we depart and when we end. This means parking at least 4 meters away from each other, staying at least two meters apart when not in your cars.
  7. We insist you bring your walkie talkie. We use Mitex UHF General – we won’t be loaning any out.

We Need You
We are keen to facilitate more drives as long as numbers are kept low and initially only early on a Sunday morning. We are clearly unable to operate drives in all regions immediately due to travel restrictions and staffing so we need your help! Please email

Cancelling of Events
Where events are due to be cancelled we will update both event post on the member area and the private Facebook group as well as email everyone registered at the earliest convenience.

If you have any further concerns that are not answered below please email and be assured we are monitoring the situation daily and will be doing our best to ensure where possible, events go ahead as planned.

Track Days & Hill Climb

We are hopeful these events will take place as planned but on a much smaller scale with precautions in place to minimise numbers and contact but to allow you all to get some seat time in!

All breakfast and lunch meets at dealerships, showrooms and cafes have been cancelled until further notice. These have been replaced with our SCD live events and have proven popular.

These will all be going ahead as planned unless Government guidance prevents travel. For more information on specific tours please click here.