June 9, 2023

One Very Special Invitation – Monaco Grand Prix with Moravia Yachting

The Monaco Grand Prix. To me, it’s always been a distant dream. A bucket list item that I might have been able to tick off one day, all being well. When our friends at Moravia Yachting asked if I wanted to accompany them on Le Panorama terrace, to experience the full F1 weekend with VIP hospitality, it wasn’t exactly a difficult decision to make.

Sure enough, ten days later I found myself on a plane to Nice and after a short taxi ride we made it Monaco. I’ve seen so many photos and videos of this place, it felt surreal to actually see it all in the flesh let alone on Grand Prix weekend. Naturally I began to keep an eye out for supercars around town, and having spotted a member’s Bugatti Veyron and an Aston Martin V12 Speedster on the first afternoon I could tell there would be a load of toys out to play over the 48 hours that followed. After a brief visit to the eye-opening Casino Square we had an early night ahead of tomorrow’s excitement. 

Saturday - Qualifying Day. We headed straight over to Le Panorama to meet Kurt, Chief Commercial Officer at Moravia Yachting and his friendly team, and check out our ‘base’ for the weekend. It’s important to mention that we weren’t the only ones there from SCD. Moravia invited select members that registered an interest in yacht charter either via updating their profile on the members area, our recent lifestyle survey or one of the SCD team. 

Making our way up to the terrace, we were greeted with a glass of champagne and a warm welcome from Kurt, Julia and a few of their clients who had arrived a few minutes prior. Walking out onto the balcony revealed the incredible view of the track that we were very fortunate to have for the Grand Prix. Situated right above Turn 1, you could clearly see cars coming out of the tunnel and through the chicane, as well as up the hill past the first corner and towards the casino. The sun was shining all day and we watched F3 and F2 races followed by F1 qualifying that afternoon. Moravia kept us fed and watered with a delicious buffet lunch, canapes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and more. 

That night we were invited to what’s described as the most exclusive Grand Prix Lifestyle experience, a party venue that follows the F1 races around the globe – Amber Lounge. Our invite came from Ellie Sax and partner/DJ Harry, who you’ll get to see live at the SCD Secret Meet in July, and made for some killer entertainment after an enjoyable first day. We came away imagining what the atmosphere would be like tomorrow after the race, and hoping we may even get an invite to the after party! Spoiler alert – we did, and celebrating with Esteban Ocon and George Russel in a nightclub was as spectacular as you can imagine. Check out the reel here.

Sunday – Race Day. We made it to Le Panorama nice and early with a ride in a new Flying Spur courtesy of Bentley Monaco. The first track action of the day was the Porsche Supercup, hearing those stripped out GT3s echo off the walls was incredible – particularly for the first few laps when they were so bunched up. After a couple of hours relaxing on the sunny terrace, it was soon time for the big race. Crowds gathered all around, drinks in hand and in the words of Crofty “its lights out and away we go”! Whilst the first half was fairly uneventful, I couldn’t help but take it all in – we were actually here watching the GP in the flesh. In Monaco! Then, the rain came and the race became slightly more chaotic. Spins, offs, contact – but of course Verstappen maintained his winning streak in the end. 

So, my first experience of the Monaco Grand Prix couldn’t really have been better. Moravia Yachting truly pulled out all the stops and if their attention to detail on the yachts is anything like their attention to detail for F1 hospitality, those interested in chartering are in extremely safe hands. I can’t thank Kurt and the team enough for the invite and for looking out for myself, partner Amber and members Tim, Mac and Andy throughout the trip. We were totally blown away by Monaco and it’s certainly heightened my interests in the Formula 1 championship overall. Hopefully, Moravia will consider us for future opportunities of a similar nature, so if you’re interested be sure to update your profile on the members area or let one of the team now. 

To check out the reels from our trip head to @supercardriver Instagram

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