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Join our thriving community & make memories that last a lifetime.

A lot has changed in the supercar spectrum since Supercar Driver was born in 2010. The biggest change is the cars themselves, how fast they have become and how easy it is to exploit their performance, but in a world with ever-increasing restrictions. We are fortunate to influence your ownership experience for the better, and love to see the increase in the desire to own, drive and enjoy your cars.

With all this in mind, we've honed our offering and 2024 is a better time than ever to be a Supercar Driver member. Expect exciting adventures throughout the UK and Europe, unique experience days, leisurely drives, intimate social events and a deeper taste of the lifestyle we know supercar drivers are craving.

What's included?

Make 2024 your reason to drive.

Membership is by application only (fast-track available if you are referred by an existing Supercar Driver member or partner).

"I'm a real car nut and I want to share them with the car community and like minded people, so Supercar Driver was a great thing to join. We love the club, we love the people and have great relationships with everyone."

"The club continues to impress me. My cars are not at the top of the tree but it's never been any issue for the club or fellow members where we all anyway share the same passion."

"I went from having nothing to do to being out nearly every weekend up until the end of the season! Supercar Driver and the people within it have become a big part of my life and I hope I have for others too."

"The cars are great and the venues are lovely but the best bit is the people isn't it? We've made so many friends over the last seven years and it's always a pleasure to catch up with those and meet new like minded folk in the process from all over the country."

"I really enjoy being part of Supercar Driver, it's a friendly group of like minded people with some great events."

Explore. Meet. Tour.

Be part of an active, like-minded community

A refreshed experience for 2024 brings new events, a new app and a new approach. Supercar Driver unlocks a lifestyle and community that will optimise your supercar ownership like never before, alongside our magazine, partner benefits and exclusive savings.

Supercar driver Secret meet

A celebration of motoring like no other

Where else can you get up close and personal with the greatest and most elusive road and racing cars, see them in action on track, and also drive your own supercar around the iconic Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, all on the same day? Exclusively for Supercar Driver members, this private event has become something our whole community has fallen in love with and anticipates for the whole year.

OUR experiences

Explore. Meet. Tour.

‍Get the most out of your supercar with specially curated events and drives, form friendships with like-minded petrolheads at relaxed social events, and gain access to unobtainable money-can’t-buy experiences.

WHat's included?
OUR Magazine

For supercar owners, by supercar owners

Our magazine has become a staple part of the Supercar Driver diet and a benefit many look forward to landing on their door mats three times a year. Expect a top-quality publication packed with features delving into ownership experiences, fascinating collections and garages, as well as spotlight features on our partners, events and tours accompanied by stunning imagery.

what's included?

Already know a current Supercar Driver member?

We will fast-track your application and you can join today....

driving Tours

Immersive, adventure-filled experiences

We have been perfecting and innovating our calendar of driving tours for 7 years, offering you the chance to explore new places and the very best, carefully chosen roads in the UK and Europe.

Ensuring the best hotels, routes and eateries, to transporting your car, our team takes care of all the hassle, leaving you to make the most of an experience you will never forget. And just to make sure you don't forget, our media team will capture lasting memories along the way to look back on over years to come.

Overseas or family Membership?

If you are a Supercar owner and your main residency is outside of the UK, you can take advantage of our overseas membership and attend a handful of events throughout the year including the Secret Meet.

We can also offer a family membership if a member of your household also wants to bring your cars to our events.

For more information on either membership option, email [email protected]

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Why Should you become one of our trusted partners?

With over 14 years at the forefront of the UK supercar industry, we connect automotive and luxury brands with supercar owners and enthusiasts through a combination of affiliation, digital, print and event activations.

We work closely with like-minded brands to build lasting relationships, brands who understand our ethos, our members, and the shared love for supercars.

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