April 6, 2023

The Hardest Car to Insure in 2023

We catch up with First Point Director Andrew Palmer about the most difficult car to insure in 2023.

You might not be surprised to learn that some of our beloved daily drives are now increasingly the target of thieves. This is a sector that has seen many shun the traditional ‘German Tourer’ over the last decade or so and move into larger, more expensive 4x4s. Most notably, Range Rovers.

It’s hardly surprising then that with global shortages of both parts and cars, the value of these vehicles has rocketed for thieves over the last few years. As such, thefts are reaching almost epidemic proportions in certain parts of the country, most significantly inside the M25.

This has been backed up by a report by fellow SCD partner, SmarTrack, confirming Range Rovers are now seven times more likely to be stolen than any other car.

Whilst there are certain measures you should be taking to best protect your portfolio, which we discussed in the most recent SCD Magazine, one major concern for owners is the impact this has on the ability to obtain insurance.

With Land Rover themselves no longer offering insurance for their own vehicles, many other insurers are following suit and will either point-blank decline cover or impose restrictive terms.

Here’s what Andrew Palmer, First Point Director and fellow member, has to say about a solution that First Point can offer for the best way forward.

“From member to member, I can understand and sympathise with the position we find ourselves in. I have recently moved out of my own Range Rover into a new Macan GTS as the insurance was easier to facilitate, even though I had owned the car for a few years claim-free.

"My best advice right now is to ensure that, if possible, the car is kept in a locked garage. If not, behind gates and out of sight from the road. It should be fitted with a minimum of a Category 5 tracking device, although for many insurers, even this might not be enough. A Category 5+ (with immobiliser) will often be required.

"But where many SCD Members will miss a trick is to use their buying power to leverage the position in their favour. Right now, a Range Rover will probably be harder to insure the supercar sat in your garage. Combining all cars in the portfolio, and perhaps even the home insurance too, will give insurers a more attractive proposition. This will help negate the issues of trying to insure a Range Rover separately.

"Reach out to myself and my team on 01604 498880 if you want to see how we can help navigate this together.”

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