May 24, 2023

The Pinnacle of Automotive Engineering

Cars are our passion, but we're around them so much that being in their presence can become somewhat normal. Not today though.

Cars are our passion. We love talking about them, standing and staring at them and chatting for hours on end about them, but we’re around them so much that being in their presence can become somewhat normal. Not today though.

Hypercars, well, they never become normal. When a hypercar rolls up to an event, silence falls and every head turns in awe before it gets swarmed with people wanting to peek at every last intricate detail. 

Even in our line of work, it isn’t every day you see even one hypercar at an event, but at our Caffeine & Machine weekend, we dedicated an entire section of the Sunday to them, and the result was a simply jaw-dropping car park, no matter how desensitised you might be to exotic metal.

First up is a car you might say pioneered the hypercar segment, and it’s one we almost never get to see — the Porsche 959. Less flashy in its styling than more modern machinery, that doesn’t affect the level of attention this unicorn gets as a technical phenomenon which laid the path for modern Porsches.

The 959’s descendants were in attendance too in the form of the Carrera GT, two of which turned up in unison with that definitive screaming V10, and a 918 Spyder in the iconic Martini livery brought along by Carl Hartley and sold to an SCD member on the day! 

The Carrera GT was reunited with its original rival, the Ferrari Enzo, and more modern-day hybrid tech was showcased with the 1,000bhp SF90. Another Ferrari in attendance is perhaps not something that springs to mind when you think hypercar but no less deserving of a place — Adrian Newey’s incredible Ferrari 250 TDF driven by his son Harrison.

Car parks like this we do not see every day. Being in the presence of such machinery always brings a special atmosphere, and it was a truly amazing opportunity to soak up the pinnacle of automotive engineering over the years in the company of SCD members, who were every bit as starstruck as we were.

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