March 29, 2024

Video - We Drove a Tuned 746bhp Novitec Ferrari 430 Scuderia on the Street!

Matt takes a drive in a wild 746bhp supercharged Ferrari 430 Scuderia to find out if all that power helps or hinders what makes the Scud so great.

Of all the lightweight V8 Ferraris, picking a favourite is easy for me — the 430 Scuderia. It keeps most of the rawness of the 360 Challenge Stradale while implementing some of the chassis tech that wound up in the 458 Speciale like adaptive suspension and an E-diff. It’s noisy, involving, has the most snappy and visceral single-clutch paddleshift gearbox, and I’d say 503bhp is the perfect amount of power.

But this is 2024, and you can now buy a Mercedes C Class with 670bhp, so in outright numbers, the Scud has been long since left in the dust of the power race. Not this one though, because some crazy person had €60,000 of supercharger fitted, and all of a sudden, we have a Scud with more power than a 488 Pista (746bhp to be exact). But does all that power ruin what makes the Scud so great? I didn’t have to be asked twice to have a go and find out!

No words can describe a car such as this like actually seeing and hearing it in action, so turn your speakers up and watch the video below.

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