October 16, 2023

All You Need to Know About Paint Protecton and Our Trusted Partners

We’re often asked about PPF, what the benefits are and where we would recommend you to go to have it fitted.

We’re often asked about PPF, what the benefits are and where we would recommend you to go to have it fitted.

The technology behind the films has evolved dramatically over the years. PPF was originally developed for military use back in 1950s.

Paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane, a self-healing film designed to protect moving parts from stone chips, bug splats and minor scuffs. Originally developed during the Vietnam War by 3M to protect Helicopter rotor blades and sensitive parts of military parts. The thick composition of 3M’s Ventureshield, paved the way for future development to apply the technology to the automotive industry. In 1961, three German engineers worked to develop a stretchable black vinyl to hug and protect the front end of their Porsche 356.

“The Original Car Bra” wasn’t aesthetically appealing and was even argued to damage the paintwork. As ppf technology continued to evolve, brands such as Xpel entered the market with a more compliant versatile film.

Finding installers that used the right product was key in the hunt for our PPF partners. Since 2011, Xpel has become the leading PPF film manufacturer. Both Assetti and The ppf labs are accredited Xpel installers, in a saturated industry it is essential that anyone applying anything to your paintwork has gone through a level of training and understands the material they’re working with. Self-healing does not mean foolproof!

In recent years, the industry has taken it up another gear offering different finishes if ‘barely there’ isn’t really your style. Take our (originally black) Porsche 997 GT3 for example, if you look up close it has a stunning purple and gold metallic pigment giving the overall paintwork a deep aubergine look. For that reason, it remains my favourite member of our fleet. New finishes include Gloss and satin to completely transform your vehicle look.

After working in the vehicle wrapping and PPF industry for a few years, I’ve seen some horror installations in my time. The industry is increasingly saturated by new wrappers and PPF fitters offering installations at a fraction of the price. The cost of a bad job, to me, is not worth having. Seeing so many prides and joy with failing film or cut marks makes me cringe so getting the right PPF partners on board for the long term was essential. Four key things to take away when choosing a PPF or Vinyl Installers;

  • Are they accredited by a reputable brand? ie. Xpel, 3M etc.
  • Is there a warranty?
  • The quality of the facilities – the environment is key to the quality of the finish. Temperature and cleanliness are important elements to look out for!
  • Level of experience – how long has the installer been fitting?

I’m pleased to say our trusted PPF partners, tick the boxes. They demonstrate expertise across all their services whether it’s paint protection, ceramic coating or colour change finishes.

If you’re considering PPF for your vehicle, or feel like your paintwork needs an extra layer of protection speak to one of your regional account managers below.

In the north, contact Oliver – info@assetti.co.uk – 01244 629 533

In the south, contact James – james@theppflabs.co.uk – 01344 989262

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