July 6, 2023

Choosing the Right Tour Cars

Join us on the journey to choosing our perfect tour cars.

There are two ways you can go about buying things in life: with your head, or with your heart. Whilst supercars can have investment potential, for the most part, you buy them with your heart. You buy the one that makes your jaw drop when you look at it, that makes your spine tingle when you push it to the redline, and you don’t worry about rattling your spine to pieces or how much luggage you can fit in.

Our very own founder and Managing Director Adam has an especially large bias towards buying with his heart over his head which lands him at the butt of plenty of banter from the rest of us. We’ve had some great cars in the fleet, but plenty have been and gone and some aren’t perhaps the ideal tools for doing thousands of miles across Europe.

Now though, even Adam says it’s time to buy with our heads, and so the search is underway for cars that ‘do the job’ for tours. He compares it to buying a good set of knives for your kitchen, in that it’s all about finding the right tool for the job that can be relied on time after time. You wouldn’t buy a fancy limited-edition samurai sword to cut your steak, would you?

The cars we’re leading have changed a lot since the early days when we kept the pace perfectly well in a Golf R Estate. With the latest turbo and hybrid cars packing at the very least 700bhp and unflappable dynamics, the contenders have to pack pretty serious punch without being too much of a handful. They need to be reliable, not overly sensitive to mileage, and even relatively comfortable and practical. That doesn’t mean we’re going all boring though; there will still be a pinch of heart included in the decision-making, because it’s important to enjoy your job, right?!

Links are already flying back in forth in WhatsApp groups with ideas of what may tick the boxes and I’m sure you’re already having thoughts of what you would go for in our position, so do get involved with your suggestions and stay tuned for more features on the search for a tours workhorse.

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