April 28, 2023

The CLK Black Series — AMG at its Purest?

After years of yearning and a little help from JBR Capital, a Mercedes CLK AMG Black Series has joined the SCD crew fleet. Here's why...

After years of yearning and a little help from JBR Capital, a Mercedes CLK AMG Black Series has joined the SCD crew fleet. Here's why...

There are some of us who eagerly await the launch of each new generation of the latest and greatest supercars, and there are some of us who look more to the past for our thrills. SCD founder Adam is the latter, with a yearning for cars which stir the soul with their character rather than attack the senses with their outright speed. Perhaps as great an appeal as that though, is the excitement and nostalgia of pursuing cars you yearned for but couldn’t afford in years gone by.

One of those cars for Adam was released in 2007, three years before the birth of SCD, the Mercedes CLK AMG Black Series, and with the help of JBR Capital, a stunning white example has joined the SCD fleet after 16 years of yearning!

Only 120 right-hand-drive CLK Black Series were produced from a total production run of 500 cars which were only available in black, white, silver or red. Given their rarity, we feel they are still massively undervalued especially compared to its CLK DTM brother which has doubled in price over the past couple of years.

It’s one of those ‘if you know, you know’ kind of cars we petrolheads love. Most people won't bat an eyelid, but if you cross paths with another car person at the petrol station, you’d better be ready for a rather lengthy chat after they ask, “Is that a Black Series?!”.

It’s a fair bet that even AMG’s current entry-level A45 S would lap a track quicker than the CLK Black Series, and its automatic gearbox takes a bit of patience, 500bhp was a very hefty number for its day which still gives a solid shove in the back, and there is no replacement for the thunderous soundtrack from that legendary 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8.

Evo Magazine said that the CLK Black Series is “one of the most thrilling cars to ever wear a Mercedes badge, and is AMG at its purest”. We couldn’t agree more, and we can only see values going one way as it gains the recognition it deserves. In fact, residuals are already so strong that JBR structured an interest-only agreement to take advantage of that, making such an iconic car a surprisingly affordable investment.

Look out for it at events and form an orderly queue for a drive!

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