May 22, 2024

Matt's Top 5 Supercars

After Jonty's top five supercars article sparked healthy debate in the member WhatsApp Community, it's Matt's turn to pick his five favourites.

Following Jonty's top five supercars article which sparked a bit of healthy debate in the member's WhatsApp Community, it's now my turn to try and narrow down everything I've been fortunate enough to drive into five favourites. I found it quite a task as I tend to love almost everything I drive in its own way, apart from maybe the Nissan Qashqai I hired to drive down to London to collect my old M2, and there are many hugely memorable cars which didn't quite make it, but here goes!

Written by: Matt Parker

5. Aston Martin V12 Vantage S (Manual)

It might surprise you to see this in the list of someone who is known as a Porsche fanatic, and more importantly, someone who more than anything loves a lightweight, stripped-back driving experience over anything too heavy or techy, but a huge 6.0 naturally-aspirated V12 shoehorned into a relatively tiny body is an intoxicating recipe, and whilst the seven-speed dogleg manual takes a bit of getting used to, it makes for a hugely involving experience. I’ve driven a V12 AMR which was amazing, but a V12 S manual with the fruity titanium exhaust does the trick just fine.

4. McLaren 675LT

This space was a very difficult toss-up between the 675LT and 765LT because both are such spectacular driving machines. The 765 is probably the wildest car I’ve ever driven, and that’s what makes it so memorable, but it’s also the reason I’ve given the spot to the 675, because it’s that bit more manageable, meaning you have more confidence to push. Don’t be fooled though, the 675 is still a ferociously powerful machine. Taming it properly is a proper sweaty palms thrill, and it was the first time McLaren showed us they can do personality as well as just performance.

3. Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0

You were waiting for the Porsche, weren’t you? There are so many brilliant 911s to choose from, but for me, this is the one. It’s so raw and back to basics by today’s standards with an amazing manual box which takes a nice bit of muscle to throw into gear, and of course, it’s all about that engine. The 3.6 in the original 997 GT3 RS was sonorous and had plenty of power, but this 4.0 is different gravy. It sounds just as much like a Cup car as ever, but the torque is such a surprise, and it feels so much more than the quoted 500bhp. Admittedly, the 3.6 RS is 90% of the car for a quarter of the money, but money no object, the 4.0 is the daddy.

2. Ferrari 430 Scuderia

There deserves to be more than just one Ferrari on this list, especially the F12 TDF and 458 Speciale come to mind, but my favourite Ferrari of them all is one that currently costs a fraction of the price of those two — the 430 Scuderia. Much like the 4.0 RS above which I love equally, it’s because of the raw simplicity, but it has enough tech to elevate it dynamically from the 360 Challenge Stradale before it. The engine vibrations buzz through your back, and then the superb single-clutch gearbox I always bang on about thumps you in it as you flick the paddle on upshifts. For me, this is about as close as a supercar has ever come to the experience of a real racing car.

1. Porsche Carrera GT

Ah the holy grail. The Carrera GT eluded me for many years until I was surprised with a drive around Donington Park at the 2023 Secret Meet, and it lived up to every expectation. It’s another very simple car with no stability control and no fancy driving modes, just a basic steering wheel and a manual box. Getting the downshifts right is a hugely rewarding challenge, over 600bhp is plenty to feel really fast even today, and above all else, that famous V10 (with a fabulous Kreissieg exhaust in this case) cements the Carrera GT as the most intoxicating road car I’ve ever driven. Ok, they’re REALLY expensive these days, but it was my ultimate hero car from the moment it was released, and meeting my hero didn’t change that.

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